Nokia 3.2 Review – 2019 – Great batter, sluggish performance

Nokia 3.2 Design and Screen

nokia 3.2 in hand

The Nokia 3.2 looks smart – it has slim bezels, and a small notch for the selfie camera. The clear plastic rear case has a tendency to attract fingerprint marks, although this is a problem that plagues phones costing ten times the 3.2’s price. The lack of a camera bump is also refreshing to see.

The 3.2 feels sturdy in a way that a $150 phone shouldn’t. Any flex in the case or screen is almost imperceptible, and the side-mounted buttons and volume rocker have a pleasing amount of resistance.

However, it’s not all good news. Perhaps the most obvious omission is the lack of a fingerprint reader – instead, you get facial recognition from the front-facing camera. It’s not clear why Nokia chose to go for facial recognition over a fingerprint sensor, but it was perhaps a misstep. It’s sluggish and often fails to read faces at all, forcing you to unlock the phone via the pin – an annoyance that could have been avoided.

Another annoyance is that the 3.2 uses a micro-USB charger, rather than the newer, better USB-C connector. At this price, that’s not uncommon, but a USB-C would have been extremely welcome.

The Nokia 3.2’s 6.3-inch screen, on the other hand, is pretty decent. It’s not the brightest – LCD panels never are – but the colors are sharp, and contrast is OK. It did struggle with TV shows and films – especially ones with lots of low-light shots – but it was otherwise perfectly serviceable.

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