OnePlus 8 Pro black screen crush issues? Get it replaced!

OnePlus 8 Pro black crush screen

Are you having OnePlus 8 Pro black screen crush issues? Turns out that problem is a little more widespread than we originally thought, which is bad news. But the good news is that OnePlus seems willing to replace your phone if you’re experiencing the hardware defect.

OnePlus 8 Pro black screen crush

If you’ve been keeping up at home, users have reported problems with the OnePlus 8 Pro screen including crushed blacks, green tints, and image retention. It’s actually kind of similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra display issues, although that seems to be a software issue linked to Exynos processors.

OnePlus assumed that this problem was also something that could be fixed with a software update, but now that doesn’t appear to be the case.

If you’re experiencing crushed blacks on your screen, OnePlus has acknowledged the problem with either refund, repair, or replace your device. This only applies to the black screen crush, however, and not the green screen tint problems, which may still be able to be fixed with a software update.

While it’s always better to get a phone that just doesn’t have problems out of the box, at least OnePlus is stepping up to the plate to get this resolved for afflicted units.

Have you been having problems with your OnePlus 8 Pro screen? We haven’t noticed any issues here at Talk Android, but we want to know if you’ve experienced anything on your end.

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