OnePlus Game Space uploaded to the Google Play Store

OnePlus Game Space

OnePlus has been steadily adding their suite of OxygenOS apps to the Play Store for the last few years. Other manufacturers have done this, too, since it makes updating and maintaining those apps a better, simpler experience. Instead of waiting for a full OS update, you can simply get the update for that specific part of your phone where you get your other apps.

The newest addition from OnePlus is the Game Space app, which now lives on the Play Store alongside things like the OnePlus Gallery and OnePlus Launcher.

OnePlus Game Space

Game Space is a handy app for mobile gaming enthusiasts, since it turns on some performance-enhancing features while you’re playing. It can hide notifications, optimize performance, and keep your memory clear so the game doesn’t run into any random closes or stutters.

It also tracks some of your game statistics, like time player, the battery usage of your games, and which games you’ve played the most. All pretty handy stuff to look at for fun, if nothing else.

It’s integrated with Google Play’s Instant Games, too, so there’s a few things built right in that you can tap and start playing immediately without having to download or install any files. These are usually simpler games, but if you’re just trying to kill a few minutes while waiting on something else, it’s nice to have.

You can find the app live on the Play Store now.

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