Pay And Play Technology – Why Is It So Good?

Over the past year or so, so-called pay and play casinos have become hugely popular, offering punters an alternative way to gamble. Traditionally, in order the use an online casino, or any online bookmaker for that matter, you had to go through a very lengthy registration process. Now, however, pay and play allow visitors to start using the sites’ games without the often-laborious process of creating an account and having to wait for their ID to be verified.  Here’s how.


The notion of registering for an online casino has always been viewed as an integral – and unavoidable – aspect of the gambling process. But a quiet revolution has been taking place behind the scenes in 2020. Originating in Scandinavia, before later spreading to Germany, the creation of pay and pay casinos has already begun to profoundly reshape the gambling industry.

In essence, pay and play technology allows new users to start playing games on a site instantaneously, simply by depositing their online bank account. It’s a huge time saver, one that is proving to be immensely popular for most who try it. The idea is the brainchild of Trustly, a Swiss company that is attempting to banish the registration process across the board.

Unsurprisingly, this tech has the most utility in the betting world, where registration can very often be a big barrier to entry. Even those who can gamble online may be put off the idea due to how lengthy and drawn out the action is the very second you land on a casino home page. A breakthrough of this nature, therefore, could send tremors across the entire industry. 

It works in a simple, yet sophisticated way. Trustly collects personal information from the player’s bank account, which they then share with the operator for ID purposes. This massively streamlines the verification process, meaning you can deposit and get playing without any kind of delays.

The ability to significantly cut registration time is likely to worry many operators, as in the UK market they are required to fully KYC players before they are allowed to deposit. Sites are working hard to limit the time it takes to sign up. But they simply cannot process all the information they need faster than PNP can. Visit for a comprehensive list of the best pay and play casinos.

Possible Challenges 

That is not to say that pay and play doesn’t have some hurdles to overcome, however. Because players are not obliged to provide contact details in the form of an email address or telephone number, they are not easily reachable for special offers, free spins or other incentives. 

There is the option for companies to incentivise the offering of personal data at a later date, so it is most certainly not the end of the world. Getting new players onto the platform instantly would seem to make this extra bit of legwork for the operators more than worthwhile; as generally, once players are in, they’re in. 

The Future of Pay and Play

Pay and play is still quite controversial and rough around the edges. While the technology undoubtedly has the potential to be transformative, we can’t yet get too ahead of ourselves. Safety has to be factored in to make sure the innovation cannot be manipulated in order to assist criminals. With this in mind, the bigger, more well-established sites will likely air on the side of caution – for the time being at least. 

But they won’t want to wait too long, as the future is now…sort of. If the core principles of pay and play can be honed, refined and standardised, it will surely become the industry standard. But like any new technology, we really have to do our utmost to safeguard it and to make sure the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. 


It would seem as though it is merely a matter of time before pay and play comes to dominate the gambling landscape. While there are key hurdles to be overcome, the technology has the potential to make the sign-up process notably faster, and exponentially more convenient. As the history of humanity demonstrates, convenience is king. 

At a time when consumers have such a wide variety of entertainment options available at the click of a button, the user experience is more important than ever. Pay and play provide the most seamless access to online casino sites and games, and in that sense, it offers players a possible glimpse of the future.