Plex will now let you skip your TV show intros automatically


Binge watching on Plex is about to get a little bit better. It was already pretty great, of course, and it’s one of our favorite services for cord-cutters, but trust us, it’s about to improve.

Skip show intros with Plex

The latest feature introduced with Plex Pass will now all you to skip TV show intros from content on your Plex server. So when you’re watching tons of episodes in a row you won’t have to sit through the same boring intro and song every single time. This is easily one of the best features Netflix brought to the market, and we’re excited to have that on Plex, too.

The feature looks pretty intelligent, too. Plex designed this so your server will analyze shows in the background and give you that magic “skip intro” button on your shows without accidentally trying to get you to skip over real parts of the TV show. And it should work across different regions, with different intros on shows (an intro at the very beginning, as opposed to starting two or three minutes into the episode) and will be totally automatic without any input or tagging on your part. Which is great.

The only catch is that the intro must be at least 20 seconds long. Anything shorter and Plex simply won’t recognize it, but at least a quick 10 second intro won’t interrupt your binging too badly.

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