Quick review: Aukey’s Omnia 100W GaN wall charger is incredibly small and insanely fast


Aukey Omnia charger

We’re big fans of Aukey’s charging products here, and we’ve recently had a chance to play with one of their newer Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers. These newer kinds of chargers have been developing at a rapid pace, delivering faster speeds than ever in small form factors.

We’ll cover Aukey’s 100W GaN charger that’s designed for laptops and fast charging devices and see if it’s worth your cash.


Aukey advertises their 100W charger as only being half the size as Apple’s 16-inch MacBook charging block, and it’s about the size of the 12W charger that you’ll get from an iPad box and only a bit larger. It’s impressive.

When I first took the charger out of its box I was legitimately surprised at how small it was. I was expecting it to be a little closer to the full size of the box it ships in, but there’s a good bit of cardboard packaging around the edges. That’s a very pleasant surprise.

When plugged into the wall it has a pretty small footprint considering its 100W output. It won’t get in the way of your second outlet, and should slot into just about any home office or home theater layout and power strip.

There’s a small LED light on the front to indicate that it’s working, and a single USB-C output. The prongs also fold back in to help keep the block even smaller when you’re tossing it in your bag.


Gallium Nitride chargers are fantastic. They’re considerably faster than your older style blocks, and Aukey proves it. You can fully charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro with this thing in less than 2 hours since it outputs the full 96W necessary. That extends to some lightning fast charging on your phones, too; I was able to take full advantage of the fastest charging speeds on a OnePlus 8 and Galaxy S10, and it had no problems charging up my MacBook or HP Spectre.

It’s designed to minimize heat so you don’t have to worry about anything exploding, but it’s intelligently designed to throttle itself if it does start to warm up. Aukey says it’ll limit to about 60% of its full output until it cools down, so even when it’s outputting in a conservative state you’re still getting a pretty decent charge.

There’s only one USB-C port, however, which is probably the only drawback here. It’s hard to complain too much considering it’s really designed to be a laptop charger replacement that also happens to charge up compatible phones, but when you see something this sleek and fast you can’t help but wish for it to handle all of your devices at once. Baby steps, right?

Worth it?

Yeah. Absolutely. At around $50 it’s cheaper than replacing your MacBook charger through Apple, and it’s just a better charger, too. Most laptops these days are moving to USB-C charging, and almost every tablet and phone will support it, too. This will literally be the only charger you need for any of your devices, so long as you can charge them one at a time.

If it sounds like you’re interested, Aukey’s also given us an exclusive promo code to discount this charger to $41.24 on Amazon. Just use the code BCK3LMY5 to snag that discount until July 15th.

Aukey Omnia 100W Charger | $54.99 | Amazon

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