Ready for Facebook to finally add a dark mode to its app?

Facebook hasn’t really paid as much attention to dark mode as other social media sites, but that looks to be changing with Android Q. A few months ago they quietly rolled out a secret dark mode interface for Facebook Messenger, but that’s the most we’ve heard about anything since then.

Some new rumblings suggest that a dark mode could be coming to the main app very soon, however.

Facebook’s current design is very white and very bright. There’s a ton of white space all throughout the app, and while it doesn’t look bad, it does look very bright in dark situations. You also don’t get much of an option to turn off that blinding white theme.

According to some code in Facebook’s Android app, the company is working on a dark mode for the app. It’s very early on, and there’s nothing usable out of it, but it does indicate that they’re taking the dark mode trend seriously. And with how many apps and even operating systems that are natively supporting it, why wouldn’t they?

It’s a pretty experimental feature right now, but keep an eye out for it over the next couple months. I’m sure Facebook will be testing things early, and might get something out while Android Q is still young.

source: Jane Wong

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