Reddit update brings support for Android Q’s automatic dark mode toggle

Dark mode in Android apps is getting more and more popular, and that’s only expected to grow with Android Q’s system-wide dark theme and automatic toggles. Google’s been hard at work blacking out their own first-party apps, and now more third-parties are updating to take advantage of some new Android features, too.

Take Reddit, for example. Reddit’s app already supports dark mode, and several different flavors of it at that. You’ve got your regular night mode, plus an AMOLED toggle that makes everything actually black instead of dark gray.

There’s also a toggle for when you want night mode to turn on, like when you kick on battery saving mode. But with the app’s latest update, Reddit can also automatically toggle its dark mode on and off with Android Q’s system-wide toggle.

With Android Q, you’ll be able to set specific timers and conditions about when to turn on night mode. It makes the most sense for that mode to kick on when it’s actually, you know, night time, and any apps that support the automatic toggling will then switch to a dark theme, too. So when you’re browsing Reddit during the day, you’ll still have your favorite colorful theme, but when it’s time to start winding down, it’ll change over to night mode with the rest of your apps and Android’s system theme. Pretty nifty.

This update will be rolling out slowly, but you’ll most likely have it by the time that Android Q hits your phone, anyway.

via: XDA Developers

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