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After Roisin has wrapped up her superstar performance we set off to explore the venue. Pacha’s alfresco garden is open. And so too is the legendary Funky Room. The vibe here is sexy, spontaneous, flamboyant and fun. We even spot a few famous DJs hanging out beside the booth.

Whenever you rock up to a party in Ibiza and see big name DJs among the crowd it’s always a good sign. DC10 is a renowned haunt for industry types. Bedouin at Heart is also a big draw. Likewise DANCE OR DIE at Ushuaïa. And it looks as if we can add Transmoderna to that list.

Acid Mondays spinner Alex Wolfenden is one of those DJs enjoying the party. Alex tells us that he’s here to seek out and listen to new and obscure cutting-edge music, in addition to acclimatising himself with what Dixon and his team are doing here at Pacha.

“I actually played here a few weeks ago,” Alex explains. “I warmed up for Pvblic Xcess. I was playing disco and house music, but in this room you can more or less get away with anything.”

At 4am we head back downstairs to the crowded Main Room dancefloor where Dixon is closing out the night. ‘Knusperstück’ by Villon sounds dreamy on Pacha’s recently installed D&B Audiotechnik sound rig – pure sonic ecstasy, in fact. And now the Transmoderna frontman drops an even bigger treat – Espen & Shane Robinson’s soaring, trance-tinted masterpiece ‘In Time’. Completely unaffected by changing tastes or time, it’s hard to believe that this record is almost five years old.

As we glide blissfully into the last hour of the party, Dixon’s output gets deeper and tougher. This is the Innervision’s boss at his very best. He’s a peak time purveyor of spine-tingling minor chords and progressive track structures that ebb and flow. Anticipate some vocals here and there. Occasionally a pure techno record thrown in for good measure and even a little pinch of acid to switch things up. But he’s always high energy from start to finish. It’s a fine mix and ultimately what we’re all here for – to embrace and enjoy this brand new and entirely epic psychedelic techno trip out at Pacha, where avant-garde underground parties are starting to dominate the weekly roster.

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