Samsung could let Galaxy S21 users use Bixby Voice as a biometric unlocking method

Galaxy S21

The Galaxy S21/S30 leaks keep on coming, and despite being a couple of months away from its official launch, interesting little factoids keep being discovered. As with any new flagship from Samsung, we can expect there to be new features added and it seems that the Galaxy S21 is no different with the latest report saying that users will be able to use Bixby Voice to unlock the device.

Samsung is no stranger to trying out new unlocking methods, remember the Iris scanner on the Galaxy S8 series? This time the electronics giant is working on allowing users to unlock their Galaxy S21 handset by using Bixby Voice which will give you the option to allow hands-free unlocking. All you’ll need to say is to issue a voice command to Bixby and the phone will unlock and be ready to use.

While unlocking a handset by issuing a voice command probably isn’t the most secure biometric method, seeing as someone could record your voice, there are scenarios where it could be useful. Whether Samsung would allow full access to the phone’s capabilities after unlocking it with Bixby Voice is something we’ll find out in the next couple of months.

What do you think about being able to unlock the Galaxy S21 by issuing a voice command?

Source: SamMobile

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