Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus in “Aura Red” is one of the models you can pre-order today

Samsung made the Galaxy S20 Plus in Aura Red official today, with matching Galaxy Buds to boot.

And while today’s the first day you can pre-order the phone, that specific model is only going to be available in South Korea on Korea Telecom.

One of the strange things about this new model is the dual naming scheme — not only is this referred to as Aura Red, but Jennie Red as well, in collaboration with K-Pop star Jennie Kim.

So when will other regions get this color of Samsung’s flagship? There are no details there as of now, but Europe is a definite possibility. The United States sometimes gets the short stick as far as unique colors go, but we don’t know officially yet.

For now, this is a Korea Telecom exclusive in South Korea. Either way, this is a beautiful color on the Galaxy S20+.

source: Android Authority

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