Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 online launch will be in August

Galaxy Note 20 online launch

Phone launches have been severely disrupted this year due to COVID-19, and things aren’t looking much different in the near future. Most companies are opting for online events to show off their new products, and that will include Samsung’s next Galaxy Note 20.

Galaxy Note 20 online launch

Unlike previous years (and even the Galaxy S20) Samsung won’t be holding a physical Unpacked event for the Galaxy Note 20. To prevent people from gathering from all over the world, the event will be moved online-only, which fortunately means the timing should stay the same.

For many people at home, this move won’t actually change much. Samsung usually livestreams their events anyway, so if you like watching the new Samsung phones debut from your couch, you can keep up that tradition. You’ll probably see fewer guest speakers and there won’t be any crowd interaction, but that’s never been a staple in the experience from Samsung regardless.

Samsung is still planning on holding this event in August, which is typical for a Galaxy Note launch. The entire event should hold the family of Galaxy Note 20 phones, plus a highly-anticipated Galaxy Fold 2.

via: 9to5Google

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