SIM only deal: this Virgin offer from Carphone is a big data dream with 120GB

The world of SIM only deals is littered with choices – some great, some just good, some bad and some downright ugly. A recent offer from Carphone Warehouse, offering up a big data Virgin SIM certainly earns itself a position in the top-tiers.

The offer is pretty simple, for £20 a month you're getting a massive 120GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts each month. That will be plenty for most people's streaming, downloading and general internet usage.

And with Virgin's plan, you can even roll over your data, allowing you to save it up if there is a month where you know you will be non-stop streaming. And on top of that, Virgin doesn't use data for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Twitter Messages.

While that is a great price for that much data and beats out much of the market…there are a lot of strong big data SIM only deals out there. EE has its own competing deals, as do Smarty and Three Mobile.

We've included all of those deals as well as everything you need to know about this Virgin offer below.

Three's unlimited data SIM only deals:

What competing SIM only deals are out there?

While there is no doubt that this is a great offer, it does have some strong competition from a few other providers. Right now, those closest offers come from Three, Smarty and EE:

EE | 60GB of data | £20 a month
Smarty | 100GB of data | £15 a month
Three | Unlimited data | £18 a month

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