Sonos lobbies a lawsuit at Google, claiming stolen tech and an unfriendly relationship

In the midst of all of the CES 2020 announcements, Sonos has levied a lawsuit at Google. Despite the two companies seemingly working well together to integrate into each others’ ecosystem, it seems like Sonos believes that Google is inappropriately stealing certain tech from the smaller company, and that Google was playing underhanded when negotiating licensing deals.

The heart of the lawsuit comes from Google, and to a lesser extent, Amazon, building out their whole-home audio solutions. Sonos claims that these solutions were built by infringing on their patents, although both bigger companies obviously deny this. Over 100 patents have allegedly been violated.

To top this off, Sonos also says that Google has been playing dirty when dealing with the issue. Google executives would claim that Sonos was actually the one violating patents without much detail, and then they’d offer licensing agreements that would see Google paying smaller sums of money than what they should be paying. Pretty sketchy, if it’s true.

Sonos is looking for financial penalties, as well as a ban on sales of Google hardware. The latter really isn’t very likely, but depending on how this plays out, Google might end up having to pay out some hefty fines to Sonos. Now we just have to question how the digital assistant integration will continue to work after this lawsuit sours the mood.

source: Engadget

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