Spot & Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams With Crypto Expert & Entrepreneur Frantisek Hrinkanic

Frantisek Hrinkanic, CEO & Founder Of CryptoTips Academy Brings In More Reliable & Successful Strategies Of Investing In Crypto

It’s easy to think that everyone is getting rich in trading in cryptocurrencies. Many scammers take advantage of this greed with dubious products and services. Frantisek Hrinkanic is a crypto investor, expert and entrepreneur based out of Miami with his venture ‘CryptoTips Academy’ to mentor and guide crypto-enthusiasts based on his expertise in the field. He shares some of the common scams he came across in his journey of investing in cryptos.

Scam #1

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are new ways of raising funds for newly launched cryptocurrencies. Consultants in ICOs often receive tokens in the new venture. Although many ICOs have launched with problems: some are legitimate, and the vast majority have no real business plans or technology behind them. While some of them launch with little more than a whitepaper written by people with absolutely no technology or industry experience. New altcoins often make unsubstantiated claims about their products.

Scam #2

You can find unregulated Brokers & Exchanges in dozens, if not hundreds, of unregulated online exchanges and brokerage firms offering cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency trading products. Be wary of too-good-to-be-true promotions and quick rich promises. Many of these firms charge you outrageous commissions or make it very difficult to withdraw funds, once you deposit money. Some of the worst offenders even steal your money.

Scam #3

The extraordinary volatility of the Bitcoin Trading Systems has spawned an industry of automated trading systems. Promoters of such products promise you a way to beat the market by increasing prices between different exchanges. These exchanges often become expensive withdrawal processes and impose mind-boggling fees for converting bitcoin into real world currencies like dollars or euros. Do remember that the settlement of such bitcoin trades can take hours. Eliminate these factors and save your profits from bitcoin arbitrage and avoid unnecessary losses. Choose the right mentor and guidance while you step into the industry.

Frantisek Hrinkanic shares his plans about the pandemic, ‘We are a consulting company in the field of cryptocurrencies, stocks and investments. We also do courses as the world is online now owing to the pandemic. We also created a book meanwhile to help people in every way possible. During the pandemic, more money began to be pushed, causing cryptocurrencies and metals to grow. From this point of view, it was good for me and my company. However, I hope the pandemic will end as soon as possible. The lives lost cannot be compared to the success of any venture. The world will be a better place and people will learn to appreciate what they have, along with the essence of Mother Nature.’

CryptoTips Academy offers consultancy on how to cryptocurrencies and earn higher using these investments. They also guide you on everything related to stocks. If you’re in need of some guidance on how to invest in crypto, don’t forget to check their Website.

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