Stardock’s Start10 goes stealth with dark mode in latest update

Stardock is on a bit of a dark mode kick lately. Last week, Groupy added a dark mode of its own, and this week it’s Start10’s turn.

The latest update, version 1.75, adds a dark mode for Start10’s various start menu styles. In keeping with Stat10’s purpose, the goal of the dark mode is to make it mesh with Windows 10’s dark mode in a way that makes the Start menu user experience better.

If you’re unfamiliar with Start10, the tool was created to give Windows 10 users a way to customize the look of their Start menus. You can choose different themes for the menu, ranging from a Windows 7 style to “Modern” and Windows 10-inspired themes. If you aren’t quite happy with the way Microsoft changed the Start menu in Windows 10, then Start10 offers some alternatives.

Along with the general layout selections, Start10 includes options to filter searches in the Start menu, quick links for core system functions, an granular folders, and textures for the background and taskbar.

Start10 is available as a 30-day trial for free, and you can pick it up for $5 at the end of the trial. It’s also available as part of Stardock’s full Object Desktop suite, which includes several other tools for customizing Windows.

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