Start your engines! Download the Android 11 Developer Preview for your Google Pixel now!

Android 11

We are only midway through February but Google has already flipped the switch to release the very first Developer Preview of Android 11 for its Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and of course, the Pixel 4. Factory image and OTA downloads for the four Pixel ranges are already available and we’ve got the links ready for you after the break.

Make no mistake, this isn’t the Android 11 beta program, this is a Developer Preview, so expect a bunch of bugs, glitches, and incompatibilities with your favorite apps and services. Only download and manually flash the Preview to your Pixel device if it isn’t your daily driver or if you are comfortable with wiping it to roll-back to Android 10. Google says that the Developer Preview Beta will be announced at ‘some point in the next several weeks’.

If you are intent on trying out the Android 11 Developer Preview on your Pixel 2/3/3a/4 device, click the link below to download the relevant factory image or OTA for your handset.

Remember to follow the instructions for manually flashing factory images and OTAs’, you can find them here. Be careful out there!

Source: Android Developers

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