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Steam Big Picture will look like Steam Deck…eventually

The announcement of the Steam Deck has, it seems, opened the gates and is causing a wave of good news to come from Castle Valve. The latest little nugget of good news actually concerns regular Steam users on PC, Mac, and Linux, who perhaps aren’t getting a Steam Deck but are looking on at its all-new UI with fondness.

As highlighted by SteamDB’s Pavel Djundik, a Steam Community thread has confirmed that the existing Big Picture mode is not much longer for this world. There’s no ETA on the when, but it’s coming. Eventually.

Djundik also raises a good point on some areas of the Steam Deck UI we don’t yet have much information on, primarily the Store experience and the community pages.

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Naturally, there will be a solution somewhere, but right now nobody knows if it’s looking better or worse than the current implementation. Big Picture hasn’t seen much development in recent years, but it’s still a perfectly decent way to navigate the Steam experience, particularly with a controller. It makes using a gaming PC in the living room, well, bearable.

Nevertheless, Valve is clearly back on the development train with the Steam Deck coming down the tracks. The last public release of SteamOS was back in 2019 (if you can even believe it was kept alive that long) and SteamOS 3.0 will accompany the Steam Deck with this new UI and a whole new Arch Linux base underneath.

Times are good if you’re a Steam user.

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