Streamed Live On YouTube For First Time Ever

As Apple CEO Tim Cook strides on to the stage this morning at precisely 10 o’clock PDT, he will know there’s a lot riding on the keynote he’s introducing. And nobody puts on a show quite like Apple does.

The response to the announcement will be crucial for Apple as the company reveals the iPhones it hopes will capture everyone’s attention for the year ahead. There’ll be other things announced at the keynote, such as a new Apple Watch, likely a new Apple TV streaming box, perhaps more.

The show, and, oh boy, it’ll be quite the show, is at the beautiful Steve Jobs Theater, a purpose-built 1,000-seater auditorium where the furthest seat is less than 95 feet from the onstage presenter.

There’s something new about tomorrow’s keynote, though. It’ll be arguably the most accessible one the company has ever staged. That’s because it’s going to be available on YouTube for the first time. 

I’ve been to a lot of Apple keynotes over the years. Don’t be jealous. Although they are exquisitely staged and often end with a live performance from a real star (Tony Bennett, Sia and Sara Bareilles were all show-stoppers in their own right), when you’re in the room they are hard work. They often run for more than two hours, which is what I am expecting from tomorrow’s shindig. For the press, that’s a marathon typing contest. But it’s also an exhilarating and fascinating couple of hours, as you try to see beyond the headlines and into the details beyond. 

Years ago, there was no broadcast of the keynote at all. But as news became more instant and platforms like Twitter opened up, things changed. 

Presentations were available on, and you can still go there to watch, and some websites had their own livestreams. Last year, Apple added Twitter as another way to watch live. 

Now, with the ability to watch live via YouTube, this keynote is likely to reach easily its biggest audience yet. 

How do you watch? Easy, go to YouTube – here’s the link – and you can see it (even if, whisper it, you’re watching on a Windows PC and not a Mac).

Not long to wait now – are you holding your breath yet?


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