T-Mobile Connecting Heroes promises 5G for first responders

T-Mobile 5G

T-Mobile is launching a new program that will bring faster network connectivity to first responders. The commitment, called Connecting Heroes, involves a big investment in T-Mobile’s 5G network and a promise to allow first responders access to this network, free of charge.

T-Mobile Connecting Heroes

Connecting Heroes is a 10-year commitment to provide free service and 5G access to first responder agencies, including public and non-profit state and local fire, police and EMS departments, which should save those agencies about $7 billion over the course of the commitment.

This is a big move on the heels of a pandemic that’s putting tons of stress on first responder agencies. T-Mobile wants to help those budgets out by taking the burden off paying for cellular connectivity and freeing up money to pay for equipment and other vital services. They’ve got a signup page for interested agencies.

For all consumers, they’re also offering a free iPhone SE or a half-priced flagship phone through May 25th. Just trade in your eligible phone and pay nothing but the sales tax on the phone, with no added line required. This also works by taking up to $500 off another flagship, if Apple’s not your thing; we won’t blame you.

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