TCL’s Fold ‘n Roll concept is an interesting take on the ‘traditional’ foldable device

Fold 'N Roll

When it comes to the choice of a folding or rolling display, who says you have to choose? That’s the design-process that TCL’s Fold ‘n Roll smartphone concept is showing off with its ability to first unfold into a larger display, and then unroll to reveal an even bigger viewing area.

The Fold ‘N Roll isn’t taking the place of the TCL Rollable that is still scheduled to launch sometime in the next year or so, rather it’s the latest in a long line of concepts showing off the various ways that folding and rollable devices can extend themselves.

As such, it’s nowhere near certain that the Fold ‘N Roll will ever come to market, but there is a chance as display and component technologies improve over time. One thing is for certain, it has more chance of going on sale than the LG Rollable, which is a sad story in itself. We can expect TCL to continue developing and showing off new concept devices as it works to bring its first foldable and rollable smartphones to consumers. In the meantime, if you really want to get on the foldable bandwagon then Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the current champion.

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