That amazing Black Friday MacBook Air deal is still on

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, one of the most standout deals we ran across was the fan-favorite 2017 MacBook Air for just $699. And, well, that deal is still running today. 

This holiday MacBook Air deal cuts the price of the MacBook Air down from $999 to $699. And while it’s definitely rocking some old technology, what with a 5th-generation Intel processor – it’s still very much worth that $699 price tag.

MacBook Air 2017: $999 $699 at Amazon
The 2017 MacBook Air is a bit dated at this point but at $699 it’s still a killer value. Not only do you get a cheap entrance into macOS, but it’s still rocking that classic keyboard, so you won’t have to worry about modern reliability problems. View Deal

macOS Catalina is typically a very expensive operating system to get into. While the software itself doesn’t cost a dime, you need Apple hardware, which is typically pretty expensive. This MacBook Air deal makes for the most affordable entry way into Apple’s computing ecosystem, short of buying a used MacBook or building a Hackintosh.

The hardware is decidedly old at this point, but that doesn’t mean it’s worthless. If you just want a Mac for some light schoolwork, this MacBook Air will definitely get the job done. The only thing that might hold it back from showing a Chromebook who’s boss is the display, as it’s stuck at 900p. But, hey, it’s a cheap MacBook, right?

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