The aftermath of 2020: navigating the next normal against fraud

The Covid-19 pandemic put businesses on the hot seat with consumers abandoning the local high street for the global digital marketplace, causing society to undergo a sudden “digital acceleration” – a once-in-a-generation event whereby our dependence on technology has been expedited by over a decade, if not more, in the span of a single year. Overnight, organizations have had to build the solutions needed to support the verification of identity, transactions, and interactions.

About the author

Gus Tomlinson is General Manager Identity Fraud at GBG.

In this new environment, a technologically advanced business model is no longer an option, but rather a necessity. In fact, the growing need for businesses to become ‘digital-first’ has led to digital identity being a top priority for most businesses. This shift towards new digital channels – and therefore increased transaction volumes – has also inevitably given rise to the increased presence of fraudulent activity.

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