The Google Assistant has learned some new tricks to make your day a little easier

Google Assistant

Whether you keep forgetting where you left your phone, you’d like your takeout experience even more convenient, or you need to switch up your daily routine, Google Assistant has learned some new tricks to help you navigate your day. It’s even got the inside scoop on the Oscars if that’s your jam.

Where did you leave your phone? If that’s a question you frequently ask yourself you’ll be happy to learn that you can now ask your smart speaker or display “Hey Google, find my phone” and it will play a custom ringing tone, even if its on silent or Do Not Disturb is activated.

To make your takeout experience even easier, once you’ve searched for a restaurant using the Google app on Android and selected “Order Online” and finished filling in your order online, click checkout and the Assistant will navigate the site for you to input the payment details you’ve saved in Google Pay and synced to Chrome Autofill.

Sunrise and sunset routines are now available globally, allowing you to have your living room lights turn on and off when the sun goes down. It’s really easy to set up:

  • Select the “New” routine tab in the Google Home app or Assistant settings.
  • Under “how to start,” you’ll need to “add starter,” then you’ll see an option for “Sunrise/sunset.”
  • From there, you can customize the time and specific actions you want them to trigger.

Tired of the same old routine? Google has added a dedicated section in Ready-Made Routines to show you suggested actions to keep you inspired. And finally, you can get the latest details on the Oscars by saying the following commands:

  • “Hey Google, when are the Oscars?”
  • “Hey Google, who’s nominated for Animated Feature Film at the Oscars?”
  • “Hey Google, what are your Oscar predictions?”
  • “Hey Google, give me an award” (on Oscar night)

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