The rise of the ‘digital nomad’

Instead of being in the office, imagine instead that you are looking at beautiful landscapes in the Swiss Alps or the Carpathians. Instead of early starts and long commutes, you have the freedom to work on your own schedule, from anywhere in the world. This may sound like fantasy, but a growing number of professionals have made the move to a more nomadic lifestyle, all with the help of technology.

It would be wrong to suggest that life as a ‘digital nomad’ (location independent professionals) is all beach-dwelling and short working hours, but the way of life is marginally more flexible and allows individuals the freedom to achieve a strikingly desirable work-life balance. Digital nomads are in fact some of the hardest working people in the economic ecosystem. It is not easy to stay constantly on top of your business whilst travelling, and although this lifestyle may sound appealing, it actually involves a lot of multitasking, accommodating different local infrastructures and missing out on social interaction. 

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