The upcoming Realme 8 Pro leaps forward with a 108MP snapper, in-sensor Zoom technology, and tilt-shift video


We reviewed the Realme 7 5G a little while ago and were pleasantly surprised by how good it was, and now the affordable smartphone brand is cooking up another smash hit that is aimed at a higher price point. The as-yet-unannounced Realme 8 series is currently at the hype stage of its development, with the brand detailing its camera specifications earlier today.

The Realme 8 Pro sports Samsung’s new HM2 108MP camera module with a large sensor size of 1/1.52″, 12000 x 9000 pixels, 9-in-1 pixel binning, ISOCELL Plus, and Smart ISO.

There’s a new, in-sensor Zoom technology present that will deliver higher-clarity photography, using only the 12 megapixels mapped out using the 3x zoom mode to generate an image which allows for faster image processing. This means the Realme 8 can take up to eight 12MP photos consecutively with the clarity enhancement algorithm further increasing clarity.

Realme’s Starry Mode gets a boost in abilities with the addition of the world’s first Starry time-lapse video that uses an exclusive algorithm to shoot 30 photos over 480 seconds (8 minutes) which results in a 1-second time-lapse video.

The Realme 8 Pro will be the first smartphone to feature tilt-shift time-lapse video capabilities. Using a new algorithm the Realme 8 Pro can take tilt-shift images and 10x faster tilt-shift time-lapse video while offering adjustment options such as shape, angle, position, and size of the bokeh effect. You can even adjust the transition effect between the bokeh and clear areas.

Finally, the Realme 8 Pro will also feature new filters such as Neon Portrait, Dynamic Bokeh Portrait, and AI Color Portrait. Realme also confirmed that its number Series will focus on trendsetting camera technology. With the hype machine already in play, we shouldn’t have too long to wait until the Realme 8 series is officially announced.


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