The Xbox Series X mini-fridge is real and releasing this year

Microsoft has announced plans to release a mini-fridge inspired by its Xbox Series X console, the company announced at its E3 2021 press conference. The upcoming appliance takes inspiration from a series of memes shared following the reveal of Microsoft’s latest console, comparing its towering all-black silhouette with a refrigerator. The device will be available for public purchase later this year, although pricing is still unconfirmed.

The first references to an Xbox Series X fridge spawned in response to its 2019 reveal at The Game Awards, with a tweet from Windows Central Gaming among the initial edited images that rapidly spread online.

Microsoft later embraced the gag, sending out custom full-size fridges to Snoop Dogg and online personality iJustine. A later partnership followed with ZOA, the energy drink line from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, creating a limited range of Xbox mini-fridges.

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Microsoft announced public availability with a dedicated trailer at the tail end of its E3 conference, including references to “Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture,” a call back to the Xbox Velocity Architecture fundamental to the design of Xbox Series X. The company first teased plans in April, after winning a brand battle hosted by Twitter.

Here’s hoping the Xbox Series S boombox will arrive in time for holiday 2022.

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