Top Reasons for You to Get CompTIA Security+ Certification

Today, as the tech world continues to evolve rapidly, to remain relevant, every IT professional — actual or intending — must always strive for self-perfection, regularly hone the existing skills, and acquire new ones. This is one of the reasons why getting a CompTIA Security+ certification is so popular among specialists who want to pursue a career in cybersecurity. Besides building an Exam Collection Security+ Certification Practice Test SY0-601 , it allows you to be updated with the latest standards and technology. If your dream is to hold core security positions, then CompTIA Security+ badge should be your next step.

What About CompTIA Security+?

The CompTIA, recognized globally for their vendor-neutral certifications, has designed the Security+ to be a first stepping stone for launching professional careers in cybersecurity. The certification focuses on equipping candidates with practical skills, which is reflected in the exam Author: TIMOTHY Z , that will cost you $349. Obtaining the Security+ credential validates that you have demonstrated skills at threat management, risk mitigation and intrusion detection. Successful candidates can qualify for IT security roles such as security consultant, security administrator, security engineer, etc. For more detailed information about the exam check the vendor’s official website.

5 Reasons You Should Be CompTIA Security+ Certified

As an IT professional (or an aspiring one), becoming CompTIA Security+ certified accrues several benefits. Here are five of them.

1. CompTIA Is Vendor-Neutral

The CompTIA Security+ certification doesn’t focus on the technologies and methods of a particular vendor. You’ll be learning necessary security standards and gaining technical skills that you can use across the board for any security setup. This Author: DENIS W  makes you more attractive in the IT industry in comparison with the specialists who have narrow security expertise and possess the vendor-specific credentials.

2. You Join a Community of Others

CompTIA Security+ specialists have online groups across websites, boards, and social media where they can interact, learn, exchange information. Getting this in-demanded certification and joining the community can aid career growth as you’ll find learning and job opportunities more efficiently within a body of like-Author: STEFAN S .

3. Keeps You Updated with New Technology and Industry Standards

The CompTIA regularly updates its exam to equip the candidates with the most relevant skills and knowledge to incorporate the most recent standards and technology in the industry. Every 3 years you’ll need to update your badge. The same refers the Security+ credential as well. Thus, SY0-501 exam will soon be replaced by the new version SY0-601. Thanks to CompTIA Continuing Education program you have an opportunity to renew your certification and remain an in-demand specialist in the IT industry.  

4. Proof of Commitment to Your Career

The best way to demonstrate your commitment to building a career in the security field is to validate your skill with a certification. Author: NIALL X  is one of the most lucrative spheres of employment, and becoming a certified professional will enhance your chances of working with top IT companies.

5. Boost Your Income

Averagely, even an entry-level IT Security personnel earns better than others in entry-level roles in the IT industry. For example, the income of system administrator can range from $32K to $50K. Adding the Security+ certification on your CV list will boost your chances of getting better-paying jobs or even qualify you for a higher salary at your present place of work. Note, that with this badge you can earn annually up to $119,000, according to Payscale website.

In Conclusion

Knowing more about the Author: MIKOLAJ E badge, you can see that it opens avenues for broad variety of cybersecurity roles. To enjoy all the perks, it brings you, you need to pass one SY0-501 exam. Pull all stops to rise to the peak of your IT career by obtaining this essential Security+ certification. All the best!