Traders chase away voters with tokens

Election officials have initiated a probe into an allegation made by a trader at Kumbakonam that some political parties had made an ‘attempt to entice the voters’ by distributing tokens with his shop’s name on them in Kumbakonam constituency.

According to official sources, a trader running a grocery store in the heart of the town on Wednesday, pasted a billboard at his shop stating that the tokens issued by the candidates would not be binding on the shop management and the establishment was not responsible for the act.

Responding to the queries from reporters on Wednesday, the shop owner, Mohammed claimed that people started visiting the shop from Monday night carrying the token indicating the name of the shop and ₹ 2000 printed on it. “When they demanded that the token be accepted in lieu of cash, I refused and turned them away,” he said.

As the number of persons producing the token started increasing on Wednesday morning, he pasted notices declaring that the shop was not responsible for the issue of such tokens.

On hearing the news, a team of officials have started probing the alleged attempt to induce the voters.

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