TSMC is tipped to ship 80 million units of 5nm A14 chips to Apple

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 12 series later this year powered by 5nm A14 chipset manufactured by TSMC. Now, according to a new tip by Twitter user @L0vetodream, the Taiwanese chipmaker will ship 80 million units of A15 chips to Apple in 2020.

The Americal tech giant is reported to make a radical move with its iPhone 12 lineup this year. First, these handsets will be the first-ever 5G-ready iPhones from the company. Secondly, they are expected to come without a bundled charger and EarPods.

Now, as per a new tip, TSMC will be manufacturing 80 million units of 5nm A14 chip for Apple this year. But this goes against a recent report, which suggested the Cupertino-based company to only ship 15-20 million units of iPhone 12 devices in 2020.

So why Apple ordered these many units of A14 chips if it is going to ship less than half of that amount of iPhone 12 series? Maybe because the company might use the same chip or say A14X for new iPad Pros and ARM Macs.

But that does not make sense either as the iPad Pro 2020 was only introduced a few months back. Further, how can the iPhone maker expect to ship a large number of the first-gen ARM (aka Apple Silicon) Macs?

Hence, we highly recommend you to consider this information with a large pinch of salt.




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