Two migrant workers donate Rs 5000 to CMDRF as token of gratitude | Migrant workers donate to CMDRF

Neeleshwaram (Kasaragod): Two migrant workers from Rajasthan have proved they can also be part of the mission to help Kerala that offered them food and all facilities. Bharatpur native Vinod Jagid and Mohalla native Mahesh Chand Jagid, who works in a granite company in Neeleshwaram, donated Rs 5000 they saved up to help Keralites during COVID crisis.

The workers went to police station with the amount and told the police officers that they want to donate the amount to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF). They approached the police station as they could not trust anyone else. The amount was handed over to Neeleshwaram CI M A Mathew.

The police officers sent the amount to CMRDF via online immediately. The migrant workers returned after ensuring the amount was safely transferred. The police officers appreciated the labourers for their good heart.

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