Understanding the landscape of cloud security

As a catalyst for change, the pandemic has proved highly effective in influencing business mindsets to accept the viability of remote working. With no choice but to rethink working practices to ensure business continuity, IT management departments across the country were suddenly pushed into investigating, instigating and accelerating cloud computing strategies. As a result, there has been a huge increase in companies moving to the cloud – almost 70% of organizations have stepped up the pace of their digital transformation plans in some way as a result of COVID-19.

The benefits of cloud-based working are not in doubt, with its flexibility, low upfront investment, and suitability for remote working, and it looks like more than half of UK-based IT will be in the cloud by 2023, with 75% of companies having already switched to a ‘cloud-first’ strategy. Cloud-based working is clearly here to stay, but with the upsides comes a new environment, but this also carries a number of risks. Cloud is the new playground for criminals.

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