Utah candidate: Trump’s ‘America First’ slogan is KKK ‘code for white supremacists’

A Davis County, Utah Democrat, who unsuccessfully ran for a seat in the Utah House of Representatives in 2020, says a pro-Trump slogan trending online is actually “code for racist followers.”

Cheryl Nunn recently has tweeted multiple times about Trump’s “America First” slogan which had been trending on social media.

One of Nunn’s tweets shows photos of old pro-Klu Klux Klan membership tokens which feature the same “America First” slogan, while another shows an old photo of a KKK parade with Klan members holding a sign which says “America First. One God. One Country. One Flag.”

In the latter tweet, Nunn said:

It seems like the #Trump2024 is speaking in code to his followers before & after the Capitol insurrection now they are trending with #AmericaFirst see it with the KKK sign?”

She followed up that tweet with a photo of the old KKK token, and said:

If you did not see this with the KKK Parade in my last tweet, see it here. #AmericaFirst is #Trump2024 code for racist followers.

The KKK used tokens to promote their racist views as well as indicate Klan membership.

The photos tweeted by Nunn are authentic, according to Snopes, which stated:

The photo of KKK members marching with an ‘America First’ banner dates from the 1920s and can be found in the Getty Images archive. The Ku Klux Klan ‘coin’ (actually a token) bearing the slogans ‘America First’ and ‘Preserve Racial Purity’ on one face and ‘The Invisible Empire’ on the other was struck in 1965 to celebrate the centennial of the KKK’s founding, numismatists say, although it was never officially endorsed by the organization.”

While there is no evidence that the KKK invented “America First” slogan, the Klan did use the slogan in its publications, marches, and on KKK tokens.

President Woodrow Wilson used the “America First” slogan when he ran for reelection in 1916 as an indicator to voters that his isolationist stance had kept America out of World War I. A 1917 song called “America First” was dedicated to Wilson, who quickly abandoned his isolationist position when the country became involved in the war.

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