Vending machine dispenses books for good behavior

A new vending machine installed in the Adkison Elementary School library last week is enticing students to model good behavior.

It’s not candy they’ll be seeking with a token awarded monthly; it’s the written word – paperback books.

Each week each teacher will be handing out one token to a student deserving of a book prize for exhibiting positive character traits such as thoughtfulness, kindness and showing respect, said Principal Stephanie Pimentel.

The machine cost an estimated $3,000 with funds raised by the PTC and donations from parents, teachers and the public through a Facebook fundraiser page. To buy the books, the school is seeking a mini-grant as well as using proceeds from the annual Book Faire.

Librarian Shirley Gunzenhauser said she saw one female student light up when she was given a coin to redeem a book.

“The kids are very excited about it,” said Gunzenhauser. She said the machine was delivered without product inside so that piqued interest of the students before the dedication ceremony on Wednesday, Jan. 22. “They’re all waiting until they get a golden coin.”

The staff is stocking the machine with popular books for every grade level that is age appropriate.

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