Verizon Fios TV Home App coming to Apple TV on July 22

The Verizon Fios TV Home App enables subscribers to watch the company’s cable service on smart devices, and the app is finally launching on Apple TV hardware on July 22.

Cable TV companies have shifted to digital distribution methods to keep people from “cutting the cord.” Verizon Fios still requires a cable box to view content unlike digital-only competitors like Sling.

Verizon has announced it will enable users a bit more freedom with a new app initiative. The Fios TV Home App will become available on the Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, and Amazon Fire TV beginning July 22.

Previously, subscribers needed a Fios TV box to watch content on the big screen with the companion app only available on mobile. The new app for Apple TV will enable subscribers to watch cable TV without the need of an additional cable box.

However, homes will still be required to have at least one Fios TV box to enable streaming from the app. Only two concurrent streams of Fios TV to set-top boxes or mobile devices are available per Fios TV box in the home.

Mix & Match customers will be able to choose different cable providers if they are unhappy with Fios TV. Verizon offers Sling or YouTube TV as alternatives to their in-house cable service.

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