Vodafone fibre broadband deal: the cheapest super-fast fibre package around

The world of consumer tech is filled with incentives, freebies and elaborate discounts. But right now, one of the best incentives around for anyone looking to renew their broadband deal comes from Vodafone.

Pretty simply, Vodafone will almost double the average speed of your home internet for free, charging the same price for its Superfast fibre 2 package as it costs for its cheaper fibre 1 deal. That means whichever Vodafone plan you choose, you will just need to pay £23 a month.

While that easily makes this one of the cheapest prices you can get on faster fibre broadband deals, it gets even better for existing Vodafone customers. If you have a Vodafone phone contract you just need to pay £21 a month for those 63Mb average speeds.

We’ve listed everything you need to know about this Vodafone broadband deal below. Or, if you want to compare it to what else is currently available, head to our broadband deals guide.

Vodafone’s cheap fibre broadband deal in full: 

Vodafone Superfast 2 Broadband | 18 months | Avg speeds 63Mb | Line rental incl. | FREE activation | £23pm (or £21 for existing Vodafone customers)
It’s a simple offer – get Vodafone’s fastest fibre package for the same price as its regular Superfast 1 option. That means speeds averaging 63Mb at a monthly price of just £23 – the best price around for speeds of this calibre.
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What other broadband deals are there right now?

While Vodafone has the world of fibre locked down, there are some even cheaper prices if you’re willing to drop your speeds. And its sternest competition no doubt comes from TalkTalk at the moment and its £40 Amazon.co.uk Gift Card promotion.

If you don’t mind relying on cashback slightly, you can secure one of the cheapest fiibre packages through Plusnet. You’re paying £22.99 a month for speeds averaging 36Mb but thanks to the £70 cashback on offer, you’re effectively paying just £19.10.

But if you do really want fibre but want it from another name, BT could be a good option right now. With speeds averaging 50Mb at a price of just £28.99, this is one of the best prices you can pay for BT right now. BT will even throw in a £80 BT reward card on top – just watch the 24 month contract length.

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