Waze adds Tidal support for streaming HiFi audio on your road trips

Tidal isn’t the most popular music streaming service around, but let’s be honest, they do try really hard. Last week they announced a partnership with Waze that brings the high-resolution audio streaming to Waze’s navigation app, making it much easier to manage your tunes on your daily commute or road trips.

This brings Tidal in line with other services like Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora for streaming audio while driving. You can integrate these apps together in Waze’s settings, then simply change music right from the navigation side of things instead of having to juggle two apps. That’s much safer for you and everyone else on the road.

And yes, it’s time to plug that despite being owned by Google, Waze never adopted Google Play Music as a supported music streaming service. YouTube Music happened, but Play Music never got the attention it deserved, and now it’s going to die cold and alone while still arguably being a better music streaming service. Come on, Google.

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