What Kind of Performance Can You Expect From Apple’s New M1 Macs?

Apple’s move to their own chips represents a seismic shift in the computing industry, and given how many creatives rely on Macs, one that has serious ramifications for the photography and videography industry. Now that the first computers with Apple’s own chips are here, you might be wondering what kind of performance you can expect. This excellent video takes a look at the new Mac mini with the M1 CPU inside. 

Coming to you from 9 to 5 Mac, this great video takes a look at the new Apple Mac mini with Apple’s own M1 CPU on board. I discussed how excited I have been for this change earlier this year, and it looks like my excitement was well founded, as early reviews show Apple’s M1 chip providing truly remarkable performance figures and stunning battery life in laptops. As the video above mentions, emulation with Rosetta 2 is mostly seamless, but there are some hiccups with Adobe apps, so you might want to wait to make a M1 machine your main work computer, but Adobe is working to quickly bring its core apps to M1 machines. Still, it is a very exciting future for Mac users. Check out the video above for more. 

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