What to do if you win £1 million

Winning a lottery is a huge thing. It can be overwhelming and confusing. Making the correct decisions is essential so that you utilize everything out of your lottery money. If you win €1 million, make smart choices to get full worth out of your money. The lottery is the prize with which you can get everything you always dreamt of. 

Here is some best financial advice for lottery winners to help them do everything with a €1 million lottery. 

Best financial advice for lottery winners

Congratulations on winning the lottery! You are rich now, but do not forget that making the right decisions is essential to get worth each penny. Now set your financial goals and plan out what do you want to do with the money. Since you have one €1 million, create a scheme to don’t make stupid decisions and use your resources wisely.

Set up a budget, manage your finances, and create a sound financial plan so that you can allocate all the money from the lottery wisely. The best financial advice for lottery winnersis to understand your assets and the best place to invest and utilize your money. 

Consult professionals that will help you with your lottery money

When you win such a massive amount of money, remember that you need to speak to professionals who will help you make correct decisions. Always hire a financial advisor and an accountant. 

Here’s why you should have a financial team-● A financial advisor can help you plan your future and create an investment plan for you to ensure that money is safe and exponentially increases. ● An accountant in the long term will help you in keeping your finances in place, and you would not have to worry about running out of cash or not knowing how much you have left.● They will explain the correct ways of using your money. They will also prevent you from spending all that money quickly without any planning. 

Remember always to contact qualified people and have a good experience dealing with this kind of money. A great team of professionals can benefit you and your money significantly. 

Maintain or low profile and do not put out your wins in open

When you win lottery money, remember to maintain a low profile to not attract unwanted attention from strangers and people who are ready to dupe you. Do not share your lottery win, personal information, and financial details with people as it can attract them towards your wealth. Remember not to trust everyone with the news and keep it close to you so that your money is secure. 

Create a plan to pay off all your debts

The first thing you should do after winning lottery money is to pay off all your debts. This will ease the burden of pain and large amounts of money off your shoulders, and you can utilize the remaining money without having to worry about all that you need to pay in the future. 

Consider the following debts to be paid off with your lottery money-● Student loans● Car EMI’s● House mortgage● Medical bills● Credit card bills

You can have a clean slate without continually thinking of bills. 

Splurge a little

Winning a lottery is an excellent source of happiness, so do not limit yourself to just saving. Create a plan that allows you to splurge a little. Take a trip, enjoy some time off with your loved ones, cherish the money you have, and spend it on things you have always wanted to do. 

Remember to set a budget for your spending to make reasonable decisions and still enjoy your freedom. 

Prepare your will

Have an estate plan ready so that you are well prepared to leave something for your heirs. It will help you in protecting your wealth, assist in tax planning, and also safeguard the future of your loved ones. Take advice from your financial team and create a will that is the foundation for your future.Lottery money can change a life. Remember to have good planning. 

Give back to the community and donated to the charity

When you win a 1€ million lottery, remember that money is essential and should be given back to the community. It would help if you made decisions that change the life of other people.

Find meaningful charities around you that will have a positive impact on a community. Research your options and choose a charity that inclines with your values. Remember that no one becomes poor by giving, and helping someone for a good cause is essential. The reputable charity that you want to support and do your share of work for the community. 


When you win a €1 million lottery, remember to make wise monetary decisions. Planning can go a long way and can benefit you in the future. Lottery money is used and winning it is a life-altering event. Remember to breathe a little and planet out so that you read all the benefits of this valuable prize.