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With the new iPhone 11 Pro finally here and the Google Pixel 4 right around the corner, smartphone buyers are likely considering all of their options. Especially those who want a great camera in their phone.

Now that Apple’s new iPhone 11 has Pro in the name and three rear cameras, you’re probably expecting something pretty great. And, from what we’ve seen so far, it’ll deliver exactly that.

However, Google’s Pixel 4 won’t be a slouch in the photography area either. Both have plenty to love, and here’s how the two compare.

This comparison will go over the screen sizes, specs, cameras, release date and price for those on the fence. Basically, this is our Google Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro for potential buyers.

On September 10th Apple announced three new iPhone models, all of which have awesome camera capabilities, fast performance, beautiful screens and powerful internals. They’re also really expensive. Then, we’re expecting a similar announcement with at least two new Google Pixel 4 phones on October 15th that will give Samsung and Apple and run for their money.

Buyers have several great smartphones to choose from right now, like the iPhone Xr, OnePlus 7 Pro and Galaxy S10. However, Google’s upcoming Pixel 4 XL and Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro are two of the best phones this year, or they will be.

It’s a tough choice, we know. So, without further delay here are all the details. That way you can decide whether or not you’ll buy the iPhone 11 Pro right now or in the near future, or wait for the Pixel 4 XL in October.

iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4: Design

iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4: Design

Honestly, these two phones look so familiar it’s crazy. Both phones pack huge screens, glass on the front and the back, the Apple or Google logo in the back middle, frosted glass, and huge windows on the back covered with massive camera lenses. 

There really isn’t much we need to say about the design if we’re being honest. Aside from maybe the fact that Apple’s phones are made from an entire piece of “surgical grade” stainless steel, and Google’s will likely be aluminum. Other than that, not much is different. 

Both phones have squares packed with cameras on the back near the top left, a logo, and not much else. Then, around the front you’ll enjoy a nearly edge-to-edge experience. Perhaps the only difference visually that matters is the notch, vs no notch on Google’s phone, but more on the display is in our next slide. 

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