Xiaomi will expand into the Japanese smartphone market on December 9th

Xiaomi has announced that they’ll be expanding into the Japanese smartphone market, giving them one more area to try and increase their market share around the globe. The original timeline for this was sometime next year, so they’re really ahead of schedule by a couple of months with this announcement.

While we’re still waiting on exactly what devices will be available for this initial period, it’s a good sign that Xiaomi is in a healthy position to keep growing outside of China. They’ve recently sold more than 60% of their phones outside of China, and with some really heavy pressure in their home market, a move to surrounding countries makes a lot of sense.

Customers in Japan should be able to buy Xiaomi smartphones and wearables as early as next week, although they’ll likely have to get everything directly from Xiaomi at first. Retail partnerships take a little more time to work out, but that’ll happen over the next few months.

source: Xiaomi Japan (Twitter)

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